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Alana and Jonathan

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Our Story

A happy boy named Jonathan sees an angry girl called Alana. He wonders why and asks her to chat. They go their separate ways, and lead other lives for the next 15 years. The boy sees the girl again. She still looks angry, but now has 3 beautiful children, who soften her just a bit. He now has 2 of his own, which makes him smile even more.

They become colleagues and over time, the closest of friends. They help each other through the hard times that life often brings. And though they share many happy times, Alana notices that Jonathan is still there, even in sadness and the dark. And that his eyes are blue. Jonathan knows that Alana's favorite thing in life is to be a mother. And so, even though the distance makes it hard, he agrees that they should have another child, together; his eyes are blue, too. The girl now believes that soul mates do indeed exist. And the boy promises that she will never be angry again.

The end.